From Idea to Execution – Not your usual way to plan a shot

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to be in Chicago for two days to attend an event for work. The event took place in a hotel close to McCormick Place so I decided to book the hotel for my overnight stays as well. I was hesitant because McCormick Place is quite “far” away from downtown Chicago. To give you an idea on the distance: One morning […]

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Welcome to the Blog!



Fancy Lightshow.

All lights turn off.

A single spotlight lights up.

A curtain falls.

This is it! This is yet another blog! Expect nothing special to happen here, I’m thinking of documenting my travels, leaving some thoughts in the web you know… just getting stuff of my mind. Let’s see where this journey takes us to. Sometimes, there’s just more art flowing through my vaines than instagram is made […]

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