H I  T H E R E!

Nice to see that you’ve made your way through my site to this page. It feels like now I owe you at least some words about me and what this website is.

My name is Denis Gierich, I am based in Karlsruhe, Germany which is quite close to the famous Black Forrest and photography has been (and still is) my hobby for more then a decade. There even was a point in my life where I thought about becoming a full time photographer but then life happened and I ended up as a regular employee in a company at a job that has nothing to do with photography but I still absolutely love.

Thankfully, my job provides me the possibilities to travel a lot. I love to go out and explore cities and the nature. Whenever it is possible, I combine my business trips with my passion for taking photos.

In 2017, I wanted to create a digital place for my artwork. I wanted it to be clean and without distractions, so I came up with PHOXTO. PHOXTO once was the blank canvas that I crafted to become home to my pictures and to the stories that I plan to share as some sort of photo-enhanced travel journal.